White Tiger Prawns (Litopenaeus Vannamei)

The Whiteleg shrimp also known as Vannamei shrimps are found in tropical marine habitats. It is one of the most well know breed of shrimp across the world today.Male shrimps become mature from 20gms and females from 28gms onwards at the age of 6–7 months. Penaeus Vannamei weighing 30–45gms will spawn 100,000–250,000 eggs of approximately 0.22 mm in diameter. Penaeus Vannamei has the potential to grow as fast as Penaeus Monodon (at up to 3gms/wk) up to 20gms under intensive culture conditions. They are amenable to culture at very high stocking densities of up to 150/m2 in pond culture, and even as high as 400/m2 in controlled recirculated tank culture. It also tolerates a wide range of salinities, from 0.5-45 ppt, is comfortable at 7-34 ppt, but grows particularly well at low salinities of around 10-15 ppt.