Food Safety

We cater to our customers need with utmost dedication and passion. We closely monitor the complete farming process right from the stocking stage to the harvesting technics which is something we have been doing since 1995.


  • Raw material is directly procured from farms that have been tested the day before harvesting.
  • Our processing plants are strategically located to ensure the time taken in logistics is minimal.

Safety and Quality

  • As a company’s policy we make sure all material, which is sourced in or shipped out of our company, adheres to highest safety and quality standards some of which are beyond mandatory requirements.
  • Our quality assurance team and production staff ensure that all our products adhere to all customer quality standards and specification.


  • At Jayalakshmi Sea Foods Pvt. Ltd. we are committed to our eco system and are working in every way not just to protect our natural resources but also to utilize them in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • We source the raw material from partners who farm and harvest shrimp by employing the best aquaculture practices.

The products are:

  • Obtained under circumstances and methods that foster human dignity and quality living conditions.
  • Non-threatening to any species and harmful to no person.
  • In accord with the laws of the country of origin and the international treaties regarding its use.